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With the amount of investment and savings options available, the HCI team will ensure you have sound advice every step of the way, maximisiung the way your money works for you.

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Whether accumulating funds to be accessed in the future, or decumulation funds following retirement or some further life event, it is important that investments are constructed and managed in line with your attitude to risk and in line with both your investment objectives and capacity for loss.

In constructing an investment strategy to meet your goals, the following will be considered:

– The target that you are saving to, or the amount that you wish or can afford to contribute each month.
– Whether the contribution will take the form of a single lump sum or regular payments.
– The period of time over which you wish to invest for.
– The accessibility of the funds.
– How you intend to access your funds in the future, whether by converting to natural yield driven income or Unit encashment.

At all points within the investment process, tax planning will be considered to ensure that all allowances can be utilised, and that any actions do not unnecessarily trigger tax events.

The value of investments can go down as well as up, you may get back less than you originally invest.

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