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Pensions can be categorised in two forms, namely whether you are accumulating retirement savings towards retirement, or accessing your retirement savings following retirement.

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Where you are accumulating savings in planning for retirement, a retirement plan will be constructed with a reasonable strategy out in place in line with your stated goals and objectives.  An investment proposition will be designed in line with your investment outlook, and then reviewed on a regular, usually annual, basis.

Where you are at the point of retirement, or have retired, your retirement options will be reviewed in line with your attitude to risk, and options such as an Annuity, Fixed Term Annuity or Income Drawdown will be considered.  Where a retirement income is being taken in the form of Income Drawdown, the plan will be mapped through retirement to ensure that you either have the funds that you require and/or your withdrawal rate is sustainable in line with your life goals and life expectancy.

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