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Taxation comes in various guises, including Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax (IHT).

At HCI we will assess your circumstances, consider your goals and create a strategy to maximise the tax efficiency of your investment portfolio.  This in turn will increase your disposable income.

We look at all available products and choose the right solution for you whilst ensuring that your investments meet all of your needs, whether that is utilising your ISA allowances, Capital Gains Tax Allowances or taking advantage tax efficient investments such as Offshore Bonds.

As well as minimising your Income and Capital Gains Tax liability, we help clients mitigate their Inheritance Tax liability.

More and more households are becoming affected by Inheritance Tax.  With a 40% tax charge and the IHT Nil Rate Band remaining at £325,000 for the past 11 years, tax planning has become even more important.  The good news is that with sound financial advice and tax planning, you can reduce your IHT liability substantially, perhaps even to nothing.

At HCI, IHT planning comes hand in hand with estate planning.  This can be as simple as writing a Will to more complex planning such as writing your investments under trusts or investing monies into inheritance tax efficient products.

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Estate planning isn’t straightforward but is about ensuring that your wishes are followed, whilst minimising the tax payable on your death.

There are various aspects to consider with estate planning, such as identifying who you wish to benefit from your assets and when and whether you wish to retain control of your assets, ensuring the assets remain with your family.

HCI can help you make sense of this complicated area.

We can provide advice on all areas of inheritance tax planning including putting assets into trust, taking advantage of IHT efficient investments such as Discounted Gift/Loan Trusts or putting in place protection to cover your IHT bill.

By taking a holistic approach to your financial planning needs, we will ensure that all your needs are considered.

The sooner you begin IHT and estate planning, the more help we can provide. Some aspects of IHT planning take up to seven years to take full effect.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice, estate planning, trusts or wills.

Please contact us to discuss how HCI can help you meet your needs.

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